Green Supermarket


Supermarkets usually offer products at low prices by reducing their economic margins. Certain products (typically staple foods such as bread, milk and sugar) are occasionally sold as loss leaders, that is, with negative profit margins. There are various offers and saving schemes for its consumers which attracts them towards the store. Green supermarket offers its consumer eco friendly products and services. Here are some tips for making your supermarket green supermarket.

Green Living tips: Supermarkets can display attractive posters and green living tips to create awareness to its consumers. Attractive posters will enable children to know the need and importance of green living.

imagesCloth bags: Instead of giving plastic covers or paper covers, supermarket can provide its consumers cloth bag which is eco friendly and convenient for their customers. Plastic covers and paper bags increase global warming.

Buy one and get Green Products free: Supermarkets can give fruits or eco friendly products free for each purchase made. For example, Buy 1 kg sugar and get a banana free. Buy milk and get tomato free etc.

Alternative energy for lighting: Supermarket can produce energy from alternative energy such as solar energy, wind etc for lighting in supermarket.

Support local farmers: Buying organic products from your local farmer’s market helps both the environment and is better for your health all at the same time.

Green Gift: Enable your customer to choose gifts that support eco living such as fruit trees, herb plants, native plants, a bicycle, refillable pens, paper making kits, solar power gadgets or a worm farm.

Books for kids: Offer books to kids that encourage them to live green. Provide history on earth and tips for saving water, fuel and energy.

Reuse, recycle and reduce: Encourage your customers to reuse, recycle and reduce.


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