Precaution against infections and their transmission

Environmental hygiene will help to ensure a healthy working and living environment reducing the risk of respiratory infections and their transmission.An unhygienic environment sets the stage for transmission of virus.The chance of spreading virus and causing infections is more in work place and outside your home.


Precautions at workplace

• Clean and disinfect lifts, escalators, and staircases regularly

• Handrails and doorknobs should be cleaned and disinfected every day

• Counters, tabletops, and desks where there is high human contact should be sanitised daily

• High traffic areas like the entrance, lobby, corridors, and information counters should be sanitised daily.

• Ventilation and cooling systems should be inspected and maintained regularly. Cooling towers should be cleaned and disinfected daily

• In the restroom, disinfect the water taps, cistern handles, seats, counters, and wash basins
•Unclean premises promote breeding of mosquitoes which transmit dengue, chickungunya, and malaria.

• Clean your hand using soap after commuting in public transport such as train, bus or even in yourown vehicle.

What kind of precaution is taken in your office? What method do you adopt to fight against disease? Are you safe from risk of respiratory infections and their transmission? If you have any suggestion or tips to share with us feel free to comment.


One response to “Precaution against infections and their transmission

  1. Hi,

    In our office, office boy Ramu cleans all employees desk and computers before start our job and in the evening end of job.

    Thank you Ramu…

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