Get A Commonfloor for your apartment

Are you a resident of apartment? Are you planning to buy or sell your property or apartment? Are you searching for tips for makeover of your apartment? Want Legal advice or guidelines?

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Commonfloor is online portal for residents of apartment all over India. It lets you to connect with people in your apartment and it is free of cost. You can register with your email id and enjoy the features available at one click.

The articles at Knowledge provides you tips on home makeover, guidelines for property buying and selling, parenting, legal advice and lots more.

You can Join Commonfloor with your existing email id. Commonfloor offers various tools to the Association, Owners and tenants of a residential society. Management Committee of the apartment can use Commonfloor as a medium to communicate. For Residents, Commonfloor helps in creating an active social community, providing a social platform for interaction between the residents, tenants, owners and association.

Links to Visit

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Frequently Asked Questions about Commonfloor

Knowledge at Commonfloor


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