‘Sacred’ goat gets Rs 21 lakh offer on Bakr-Eid

He is just 21 months old but already a `superstar’. Khusi, as his owner Jeetender Singh endearingly calls him, is by far the costliest. The pattern in white on the goat, named Khushi, resembles the number 786 in Arabic– considered lucky by Muslims across the world. That’s not all, there’s another marking, which looks like the crescent moon, which again is a sacred symbol for Muslims. The owner claims the goat was born with the markings.

According to Singh, Khusi has a buyer willing to pay a staggering Rs 21 lakh for him. Singh, however, is hoping to get Rs 51 lakh for the animal. Singh, a dairy farmer from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, had named the goat Khusi, little knowing what happiness the goat could bring him. “Khusi was six months old when I decided to sell it to a Muslim butcher. He was on the verge of killing it when he noticed the number 786. Then he saw the holy moon on the other side of the goat’s back. The butcher refused to kill the animal and left,” he says. With such precious cargo, Singh has been taking precautions about not disclosing his location in Delhi. It’s somewhere near Vasant Vihar in south Delhi, is all he would say.

Khusi clearly has created a stir. Crowds have gathered around the animal for the past two days at Jama Masjid, where Singh puts Khusi on display. “There has been a steady flow of people, who have come and pleaded with him to sell off the goat at a lower price. However, he has stuck to his demand,” says Hassan, a shopowner in the area.

Muslims all over the world are celebrating the festival of Eid Al Adha today (Nov 28,2009). However,Muslims in Kerala celebrated the festival on Friday.One of the main centres for the Eid festivities was the Jama Masjid where thousands of devotees gathered to offer prayers. Eid al-Adha, the festival of Sacrifice, commemorates Prophet’s readiness to sacrifice his own son in obedience to God.

According to the Holy Quran, God appeared in Prophet Ibrahim’s dream and asked him to sacrifice something that was most dear to him. Prophet Ibrahim decided to sacrifice his own son, Ismail. However, when he put a knife on Ismail’s throat, God replaced his son with a goat through a miracle.Consequently, it has become a tradition to slaughter livestock and feed the poor to mark the occasion.


Times of India Bangalore


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