Srisailam is a holy town in Kurnool district

Srisailam is a holy town and Mandal, situated in 232 km south of Hyderabad in Nallamala hills of Kurnool district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Srisailam is one among the various Jyothirlingam of India. A multipurpose dam has been built across River Krishna and caters to the irrigation and power needs of the state. The word ‘Nalla’ means beautiful and ‘mala’ means hill.

The temple complex in srisailam, whose existing buildings date from the 2nd century AD, is the Bhramaramba Mallikarjunaswamy Temple, it is one of the 12 ‘Jyotirlingas’ in India as well as one of the eighteen most sacred goddess shrines, or Shakti Pithas.The temple is the site of Mahakali in the form of Bhramaramba. It is believed, the Vrishabha, the sacred bull of Lord Shiva performed penance here. Lord Shiva appeared before him, with his consort Parvati in the forms of Mallikarjuna and Bharamaramba.

Heroic legends from the Mahabharata and Ramayana are sculpted in stone on the temple walls and the Mahabharata epic refers to Srisailam as Sri Parvata – “the blessed hill”. Tradition, literature as well as epigraphical sources states that the sacred Hill of Srisailam has four GATE WAYS in the four cardinal directions Tripuranthakam in Prakasam District in the east,Siddhavatam on the bank of the river Penna in Kadapa District in the south,Alampur on the bank of the river Tungabhadra in Mahaboobnagar District in the west and Umamaheswaram in Rangapur, Achampeta Mandal,Mahaboobnagar District in the North.

Beside the main gateways four more Secondary Gateways in the four corner directions are also popularly known.Eleswaram located in Mahaboobnagar District, Somasila on the bank of the river Penna in South – East, Pushpagiri in Kadapa District in the South-West and Sangameswaram at the confluence of the River Krishna and Tungabhadra in Kurnool District on the North-West.

To Reach Srisailam: The nearest railway stations are Vinukonda(120 km) and Markapur(85KM) the Guntur-Hubli Section and Kurnool (190KM).Srisailam can be reached by road from Hyderabad. Hyderabad is nearest airport for Srisailam visit.
Thanks: Thanks to one and all for providing information and who helped me to write this article with useful information about srisailam temple. Special Thanks to Kiran Kumar HP & friends.

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