Direct exposure to AC makes people inactive at their workplace

Take care that you are not in the direct line of the air-conditioner. Doctors say you may get spondilitis, neck pain or joint pain. If you have them already, exposure to AC can aggravate pain. Bone and joint pains worsen when exposed to air-conditioning. The entire muscular system is affected due to long hours of exposure, aggravating the existing problem.

Most common is spondylitis when air from an AC directly hits the neck.Due to direct exposure to AC, there is increase in number of patients with back pain and neck pain. People also become inactive at the workplace.Neck and shoulder muscles release trigger points causing pain in neck and shoulder regions. Due to wrong sitting posture and long hours of exposure to AC, spondylitis-like symptoms could arise.

However, maintaining low AC temperature and avoiding direct contact with the air can be a solution.Respiratory diseases like H1N1 flu spread faster as the infectious virus circulates within the closed space. So doctors recommends to people travelling to use non-AC coaches and to work in a ventilated space.In air-conditioned rooms, due to lack of fresh air, people feel unwell. A better option is going for hybrid building with integrated system of AC and natural cooling strategy. This will also reduce energy consumption.


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