Awareness programme on Indian culture and management conducted

An awareness programme on Indian culture and management conducted by the Centre for Indian Culture, Heritage and Management at the T.A. Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) was inaugurated.A press release issued by TAPMI on Monday stated that the programme was an effort to study the linkages between management and various aspects of Indian culture.

Peter. J. Claus, an eminent scholar of Anthropology and Indian Folklore at the California State University, U.S., was the chief guest.Honorary Director of the Manipal Institute of Communication M.V. Kamath, inaugurated the programme.

M.V. Kamath, said culture was not static and kept on changing. He emphasised that Indian culture was inclusive and encouraged students to take responsibility for propagating and upholding it. Dr. Claus proceeded to analyse three Indian businesses such as the Indian Railways, the Indian telecom sector and the Dabbawalla system and on how each one of them focussed on the culture of serving the people.

Mr. Kamath quoted several excerpts from the Vedas and Upanishads, explained their meaning and relevance in the modern world and urged the students to read, understand, remember, and apply the concepts in their lives.

Source: The Hindu


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