Toy library is picking up in major cities in India

Toy libraries are like any other libraries that rent goods for a particular time period. The concept of toy library is picking up in Bangalore the same way as in Mumbai and Pune. The library is made attractive with colorful paintings for children and well-organized racks with the best brands of toy industry.

There are around 2,000 toys available in the toy library apart from books and CDs. The best brands of toy industry like Playskool, Funskool and Disney are available in Toy library.The range of toys available varies from indoor sets like puzzles, chess, checkers, a child laptop or snakes and ladder to outdoor games like basketball, riders and swings.

The toys are meant for children aged between 2 and 12. The same toys will get more sophisticated for the older children. “Children often demand new toys. But they get bored with them soon. Not everybody can afford to buy all the toys that their child demands. The toy library is a Saviour for parents,” said a parent who subscribes to the library. Now parents can borrow a toy for a week, return it when their kid get bored of it and borrow another for them.

References: Times of India


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