Knowledge Centre was inaugurated by Maneka Gandhi at Bangalore

Knowledge Centre was inaugurated by the PFA chairperson and Member of Parliament Maneka Gandhi on Monday. It aims to generate awareness about the rescue, care and rehabilitation of wild animals.”Every human consumed about seven trees in a year, which could be in the form of paper and others. Every time a tree disappeared, birds disappeared with it too.” said Ms. Gandhi.

People For Animals- Bangalore (PFA), is a non-profit conservation organization working on the rescue and rehabilitation of urban wildlife. The Knowledge Centre at the People For Animals (PFA) on Uttara halli Main Road will house information covering anything about wildlife in Bangalore, rescue and conservation.

Ms. Gandhi said “Pet shop owners smuggle wildlife and endangered species. wildlife trade was bigger than drug trade in India.” Pointing at her fight to ban the use of mongoose hair for manufacturing paint brush, she said that action could be initiated only if one knew the laws well. Several youngsters are joining PFA, which was the only such center in India supporting wildlife, she added.


3 responses to “Knowledge Centre was inaugurated by Maneka Gandhi at Bangalore

  1. Smt. Maneka Gandhi can do better, she should raised her voice on the floor of the House, to convert strong legislation for animals….if she failed then I am ready to be a political voice for animals here in India, replacing her from the Lok Sabha.

  2. Dear Naresh Sir,

    It is good to hear you are ready to raise voice for animals but it does not required to have political power to raise voice. Government is we people and if we have strong desire to save poor wild life then we do not need a government to convert strong legislation.

    Instead of thinking on replacing her, think what you can do to help her in this matter.

    Thank you

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