Safety tips for Safe Holi

Holi is a festival of colors which generally falls on a full moon in March. Holi is celebrated with vibrant colors – these color are actually colors of joy, colors of love and colors that fill our life with happiness to the core of our hearts. It adorns each life with its various hues. Holi gifts play a significant role to make the recipient feel special. But in such case, you should come up with the best and most suitable gift item.

Make your holi safe and joyous

Following tips and points helps you to celebrate this holi safe and joyous.

  • Natural Colors: Buy colours from a reputed shop or vendor.The best option would be to play with natural home made colors. Your skin and hair will feel tampered with the use of skin friendly natural products.
  • Say No to harmful chemicals: Gaudy purple, green, yellow, orange have more harmful chemicals in them and should be avoided.Use colors like red or pink which looks good and can easily taken off.
  • Dental Cap: Use dental caps to save your teeth from any unwanted stains.
  • Save from attack on face: Try to save yourself off from all possible attacks on the face. In case your such attempts fail, keep your eyes and lips tightly shut if you are attacked on your face. When traveling keep the car windows thoroughly shut, even if you don’t have an AC car.
  • Save your skin and hair: Take a bath much later after the entire Holi celebration is over. Taking frequent baths, washing the face again and again, will ruin your skin. You will also lose hair, for too much soap/shampoo has a drying effect.
  • Save water: Make this Holi even more special by saving every drop you can.Measure the quantity of water you want to use to play with and store it. Stick to that limit. Resist the temptation of going overboard.

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