Thank you readers

Hi Readers,

I know you all waiting for more updates and my postings and you may be desperate to know I haven’t gave any post, news or information based blogs for you in last two week. I am not here to say excuse that I was busy in my work or I was busy last few days. I know this you all know but I am here to thank you for visiting again to read this post and showing patience.

As Business people says Customer are king ; we writers says Readers are king their visiting back and feedback are our secret of success. Once again I thank you for your patience.

Then what’s up there? Yes I also knew our master blaster God of Cricket Tweeting and in short time he got more than 30,000 followers. Yes None other than sachin Tendulkar.Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar joined Twitter on Tuesday night around 11.30 with a ‘RT’ in his handle. His first tweet read: “Finally the original SRT is on twitter n the first thing I’d like to do is wish my colleagues the best in the windies.”

Tendulkar, who has opted out of the Indian team playing currently in T-20 Champions Trophy in West Indies, even broke the news of his colleague Virendar Sehwag becoming father again: “Woke up to the good news that Sehwag has become father of another baby boy. I wish the baby all the happiness & above all good health in life.”

A very large number of people, including many celebrities, have already hailed his joining Twitter and have been sending him congratulatory messages. And going by Little Master’s popularity, it seems he will set a record in cyberspace.

Thank you one and All


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