Traffic diversions for the Global Investors Meet

The city traffic police have directed participants of the two-day Global Investors Meet (GIM), which starts on Thursday at Palace Grounds, to use alternative routes to reach the venue.

GIM is expected to witness a huge crowd and traffic police are expecting over 10,000 cars of VVIPs, ministers and bureaucrats. Police have suggested the following alternative routes to avoid traffic snarls.

VIPs and VVIPs coming from the International Airport should take the Ramana Maharshi Road, take a left near the Palace Cross over the elevated service road and continue to reach Vasanthnagar railway under bridge and then take a left to reach the main entrance of the meet.

Vehicles coming from Tumkur Road towards the Mehkri Circle should take the Jayamahal Road, take a right in front of JC Nagar police station to enter Palace Grounds near the Mavinakayi (Mango) Mandi entrance.

Vehicles coming from Bellary Road through Mekhri Circle should take a right towards the Jayamahal Road and then turn right at the JC Nagar police station junction to reach the venue through the Mavinakayi Mandi gate.

Vehicles coming from Hosur Road, Kanakapura Road, Mysore Road and Bangalore South should take the Palace Road or the Cunningham Road to reach the Cantonment Railway Station and then take the under bridge and reach  the the venue through the Mavinakayi Mandi entrance.

Vehicles from Cantonment should take the Cunningham Road, Miller Road and move towards the Cantonment Railway Station under bridge to reach Jayamahal Road to reach the venue.

Vehicles parked at the Shah Rukh Khan ground should leave the venue through the Mavinakayi Mandi entrance to reach Jayamahal Road. Since the vehicle flow will be high in these parts,the police have requested regular commuters to avoid Ramana Maharshi Road, Jayamahal Road, Palace cross road, Palace Road, Millers Road and Vasanthnagar Road on these two days.


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