FIFA World CUP Mani Vs Paul

With the exit of football giants France, Germany, Brazil and Argentina from the FIFA World Cup Final, fans have either lost interest or have found new favorites. Now FIFA fans return back to watch FIFA Final between Paul The Octopus Vs. Mani The Parrot. It seems the animal kingdom is backing two different teams when it comes to picking the winner of the 2010 Football World Cup.

The octopus, who has already attained a celebrity status,predicts Spain to win FIFA final. Octopus Paul picks his teams by choosing to eat from a jar bearing the flag of the team’s country. He has predicted all of the winners in Germany’s games in this World Cup with 100% accuracy. After predicting the German win over Argentina, Paul attained a celebrity status and Germany fans supported its prediction. But after predicting the Spain win over Germany in Semi Final, he received death threats.He’s now a Twitter-trending sensation. Paul became celebrity for Germany once again by choosing Germany for 3rd Place in Fifa 2010.

Move over Paul the octopus, Singapore has its own football tipster in the form of a parakeet called Mani.The seven-year-old parrot Mani from Malaysia has become a national sensation, having predicted that Holland, Uruguay, Germany and Spain would make it into the semi-finals and that Spain would beat Germany.Mani has picked the Netherlands to win the championship match.

La Furia Roja have Paul’s backing, and the Oranje have Mani’s backing. So it’s all down to determine the battle of the species. Will the Octopus live up to it’s reputation? Or will the bird be the dominating the headlines on Sunday night?

FIFA fans are waiting for Sunday Final Mani Vs Paul


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