Pak Cyber Army was only Sleeping Not Dead

The Pakistan cyber army has struck again. This time it has hacked the liquor baron and Rajya Sabha member, Vijay Mallya’s parliamentary website. The Pakistan cyber army not only hacked Rajya Sabha member, Vijay Mallya’s parliamentary website but also threatened to make “Indian cyberspace into hell.”

The Bangalore-based liquor baron found to his shock that his website,, was not only hacked into, but also carried warnings of turning “Indian cyberspace into hell”. Mallya has lodged a complaint with the Delhi cyber police.

On its Facebook account, Pakistan cyber army claimed that Indian hackers had been playing havoc with Pakistani cyber communities and websites for a long time. Its recent spate of hacking of Indian websites is to show the world that Pakistanis were no lesser than Indians in the field of cyberspace. It also claimed that to all Pakistani internet users that they can now do their work in peace because it has back on his work.

“All Pakistani internet users and website owners, sleep tight, ‘coz PCA [Pakistan Cyber Army] is waking!!! PAKISTAN ZINDABAD!!!” it said on Facebook.

“The Pak cyber army was only sleeping, not dead. This is a payback from Pak cyber army in retaliation to the defacement of Pakistani sites! You are playing with fire,” stated the Pakistan cyber army. It warned, “We are warning you one last time, don’t think you are secure in this cyber space. We will turn your cyber space into hell. We gonna literally throw you in the deep sea. Will [take] revenge if any Pakistani site is hacked by Indians.”


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