Green Ganesha for Ganesh festival

There are many campaigns going on for celebrating eco-friendly or green Ganesh festival. Ganesh festival or Ganesh Chaturthi is one of the festivals in India. This Year Ganesh Chaturthi falls on September 11, 2010 Saturday. Lord Ganesh is widely worshipped as the supreme god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. Ganesh Festival is celebrated all over India as the birthday of Lord Ganesh.

The most serious impact of the Ganesh festival on the natural environment is due to the immersion of idols made of Plaster of Paris (POP) into lakes, rivers and the sea. This year,hundreds of housing societies have registered with the Green Ganesha drive, mainly those that have awakened to the cause and are willingly opting for eco-friendly idols this year.

Celebrating Eco-friendly Ganesh festival enables you to celebrate festival grandly without harming environment and other living beings. Return to the traditional use of natural clay icons and immerse the icon in a bucket of water or a tank specially made for the purpose.Banning or reducing the use of loudspeakers will go a long way in reducing noise pollution.Crackers and other explosives that pose a threat to public health shall not be used.

Celebrate this Ganesh festival with Ganesh idols made of Clay and natural colors.Pledge to celebrate Green festivals and spread awareness among friends and neighborhood for celebrating green ganesh festival. Stop polluting water by using clay or natural idols and immerse the idol in the tank specially made for the purpose. Ban on the immersion of plaster icons into lakes, rivers and the sea.If one is using a POP idol, simply sprinkling a few drops of water on it as a symbolic immersion and donating the idol to be recycled for the following year.

May the blessings of Sri Ganesha be upon you and all


8 responses to “Green Ganesha for Ganesh festival

  1. Green Ganesh Chaturthi is a wonderful message. After all, a festival is a moment of celebration that even Mother Earth deserves to revel in. Yet year after year, our festivities scar water bodies, cause air and noise pollution while generating massive amounts of waste. We must remember that devotion to God goes hand in hand with respect for God’s creation.

    Have a very festive season. Cheers!

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