Big chill leaves Bangalore shivering

Officially, winter is yet to set in.Weathermen warn Bangaloreans to keep shawls and pullovers handy, for the days will grow chillier. The temperature will dip further once the low-pressure build-up dissipates. The lowest temperature this month — 17.1 degree Celsius — was recorded on December 4 and 5.

The coldest Decembers in the past five years were 2007 (11.8 degree Celsius), 2005 (13.6 degree), 2008 (13.9 degree), 2006 (14.2 degree) and 2009 (15 degree).

The finger-curling chill is due to a low-pressure build-up off the Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh coasts. The weather is also due to a sky overcast with clouds, leading to minimal solar radiation. This is an annual phenomenon, but this time of greater intensity. The rest of the state was quite warm, with coastal Karnataka recording 30 degrees and other areas averaging 25-28 degrees.

-Times of India


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