Sabarimala stampede-102 people were killed

It had been a special day with an especially large crowd gathered to see the Makarajyothi near the Sabarimala shrine, all walking through a narrow, uneven jungle path, and the terrain hence made rescue and relief operations difficult.Scattered shoes and bags told a graphic story of fear, panic, pain and ultimately loss, as more than one lakh pilgrims scrambled over each other after a jeep lost control, and ran into them.

The incident took place seven kilometres away from the shrine on Friday night.The dead bodies have been taken to Vandiperiyar Hospital in Idukki. Of these, 54 have been identified. Some of the injured were rushed to Kottayam Medical College (Kerala) and Theni Medical College in Tamil Nadu.

“A jeep went out of control and went and hit the devotees who were there. People have been killed because of the crash and also because of the stampede. Most of the casualties happened because of the stampede according to preliminary reports.” Said Kerala’s Education Minister M A Baby



2 responses to “Sabarimala stampede-102 people were killed

  1. At least after this stampede tragedy the temple authorities and the govt should tell the people that the makarajyothi is a man made fire.The lighting should be shown for a longer time so that there is no mad rush to witness it which could have caused the stampede.if people know it is man made they would be more relaxed.The govt and the temple authorities must act boldly.In this day and age we cannot be perpetrating miracles

    see the link

    • Thank you for your comments and links. Instead of Makarajyothy Devotees can concentrate on Lord Ayappa more to avoid such rush and as we know it is forest area a govt can’t built road there…. all devotees must go walking to temple as our ancestors used to go.
      thank you

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