CommonFloor as Centerstage Sponsor for Cognizance 2011, an online portal for apartment seekers, owners and association members, is sponsoring Blogomania one of the attractions of the event in Cognizance 2011. Blogomania is primarily a contest to test the blogging skills of the contestant, it is a platform to showcase one’s eloqence, wit and humour to impress the masses.

Cognizance-2011, The Annual Technical Festival of IIT Roorkee, all set to be the biggest tech fest ever. Cognizance 2011 has over 150 events covering almost every possible aspect of technical knowledge. CommonFloor as Centerstage Sponsor, sponsors Blogomania.

Cognizance, the annual technical festival of IIT Roorkee, is ranked amongst Asia’s largest technical festivals. IIT Roorkee has always been at the fore of cutting edge technology and innovation, shaping the world as it is today and striving for a better tomorrow.

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