Swami Nigamanand dies after 115-day fast to save Ganga

Sadhu Nigamanand breathed his last after being on a hunger strike for 115 days. Nigamanand went on a fast unto death to protest against illegal mining on the bank of the Ganga in Haridwar. Baba Ramdev’s deluxe ward at Dehradun’s Himalayan Hospital was not far from that of his ‘fellow faster’ Swami Nigamanand. Yet, while the camera bulbs wouldn’t stop flashing as Ramdev broke his fast following nine days of going without food, hardly anyone batted an eyelid as Nigamanand breathed his last after being on a hunger strike for 115 days.

Swami Nigamanand

He started his fast on February 19 from Haridwar. On April 30, the district administration forcibly shifted Nigamanand – a seer at the Matri Sadan Ashram – to the Haridwar District Hospital as his condition started to deteriorate. But even then, he refused to touch food. On May 2, he entered into a coma. He was then shifted to Dehradun’s Himalayan Hospital and put on life support. Nigamanand, 34, finally died on Monday – almost four months after he gave up food.

Nigamanand was on fast to force the state government to issue an order to immediately stop quarrying in the Ganga. He also wanted the works of Himalaya Stone Crusher to be shifted from the Kumbh Mela area. But even as one fasting seer died, another Baba Ramdev sunk his teeth into food and made plans for international tours as his ‘crusade against corruption’ reached a tame end.

Ramdev’s Patanjali Yogpeeth, meanwhile, announced he will fly to Russia next month along with Acharya Balkrishna to conduct a week-long yoga discourse. They will then head to Mexico from July 24 to 31 for another discourse.

Courtesy: indiatoday.in


4 responses to “Swami Nigamanand dies after 115-day fast to save Ganga

  1. First we should die for this great soul.
    Then we should see towards media. Its another peeply live.
    Third India is not only made people like Ramdev. Swami Nigamananda is an Indian.
    Swami Nigamananda, Take my Regards!!
    We are sorry to you. Please forgive us.

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  3. Dear All,
    Don’t expect a better nation. Our leaders are really idiots.
    There was no news about swami Nigamanand in media because he is not rich as Ramdev Baba.
    He really fights for a cause. He didn’t expect anything from the government except the justice.

    Our leaders forgot the spelling of justice and soon they may release an ordinance to remove the word Justice from all the dictionaries.

    Britishers can rule better than this. They accepted Gandhiji’s demands and given freedom.
    If Gandhi is here with us now,,, I think Godsey is not required to end Gandhi’s life… Our leaders can do it very easily. Its a simple task for them.

    I dont know how many scams i have to see in my life ….
    how many murders of truth will occur in my life….

    All the male political leaders are sons of @#$%.
    All the female leaders are bitches……

    • @kukumol,

      Thank you for your comment and i have same query when ramdev drama was going on all news channel showed live telecast of police lathicharge but no media covered nigamanand news until he was hospitalized and people alleged poisioning him.

      one more thing being a baba or sannyasi and fighting against corruption doesn’t mean his hand is clean. But i disagree with you calling all political leaders a@#$% becoz there are still some political leader who are fighting to clean the political field

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