Baba Ramdev Fast a BJP sponsored fast

Leader of Opposition in Uttarakhand Harak Singh Rawat said the hype over Ramdev’s health was to save him from farmers who had announced demonstrations to expose land encroachment by the yoga guru. He said the fast was a “drama” and the yoga guru would be exposed the day Patanjali was probed.

The Congress offensive to deepen the saffron taint on Ramdev received a fillip after Nigamanand’s death who died after a long fast against illegal quarrying in Ganga. Congress on Wednesday questioned Baba Ramdev’s hospitalisation after eight days of fast, asking how the yoga guru could sink in nine days when Nigamanand fasted for 115 days and when ordinary political leaders fast for longer periods.

Amid reports that Nigamanand may have been poisoned, AICC spokesperson Jayanthi Natarajan accused BJP of the murder of a fasting sadhu.

Rawat said the nexus between mining mafia and BJP state leaders was responsible for Nigamanand’s death. He demanded a CBI probe to bring out the truth. “BJP government should be dismissed. It has lost the moral right to govern, it is responsible for the death of a sadhu,” he said.

Natarajan said, “The deafening silence of BJP leadership on the sadhu’s poisoning and murder exposes its double standards on corruption.”

Times of India


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