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Bollywood’s evergreen romantic star Dev Anand passes away

Dharam Dev Anand better known as Dev Anand, Dev saab was reportedly in London for a medical check up at the time of his death. He died Sunday after suffering a massive cardiac arrest. As soon as the news spread, a grief-stricken Bollywood offered condolences and recalled his significant contribution to cinema. He is Bollywood’s evergreen romantic star and fashion icon. Dev Anand’s films are well known for their hit songs.

Dev Anand had a supreme self-confidence and energy that drove his many acting, producing and directing projects, believing he had a unique creativity and vision to share. Stars from Amitabh Bachchan and Anupam Kher to Shabana Azmi and Shah Rukh Khan mourned Anand’s passing on the micro-blogging site Twitter. Condolences poured in from all corners of the Indian film industry, with most of them remembering his positive attitude towards life.

He died at around 10:00 PM (GMT) on 3 December 2011 in London (3:30 AM IST on 4 December 2011 in India). According News source, When Anand’s son Sunil came out of the bathroom Dev saab was not responding. He called the doctor, who said that he had a heart attack.

In the sixties, Dev Anand acquired a romantic image with films like Manzil and Tere Ghar Ke Samne, ‘Guide’, ‘Jewel Thief’ and more… He was 88 when died Sunday after suffering a massive cardiac arrest.

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Why do readers share honest blogs more?

This articles was inspired from economic times featured article on Employee blogs. Their article was discussing about employees blogs and need for encouraging employees to blog. I too agree with thier article that an employee writing blog should be honest blog and not a blog post to increase company PR. Readers subscribe and more likely to return to blogs to reader his or her other posts.

If an employee discuss negative posts, the reader attaches greater credibility. Employee blogs would be shared for following reasons.

First, Employee blogs that contain honest criticism about the company are perceived to be more credible with readers. Readers feel goodwill towards such bloggers and reciprocate by sharing their blog with others, thereby improving the blogger’s stature.

Second,readers take pride in sharing their “discovery” with others, thereby improving their own stature.

Third, honest blog postings are considered interesting because they are unexpected, and consequently get more publicity in the traditional media as well as from other bloggers.

Company benefits tremendously from having an army of employees who are credible bloggers.When there are new developments that the company wants to share with its stakeholders (such as a new product launch, a recruitment effort, or a new corporate initiative), it is much easier to get the word out through employee blogs.

Ensure Employees maintain professional standards and not reveals confidential information such as financial performance or information about new product launches etc.