Let the child listen to the voice of his or her own stomach – Rujuta Diwekar

Nutrition Consultant explained to the group that it is important for them to respect a child’s taste buds. Illustrating her point further, she said that most children are constantly distracted while they eat. Parents either divert children with television or other things to make them eat.

Each child’s body gives him or her signals on what it needs. The only person who can understand these signals is the child himself. Giving an example , she said that a child who has dal chawal in the earliest eating years starts detesting dal after the age of two and wants only rice with ghee or sugar. This happens because the body needs amino acid till the age of two, which it gets from the dal. But, thereafter, the body doesn’t need any more amino acid so the child stops liking dal.

So if parents complain that a child eats too much junk, they must first see what they themselves eat. Parents need to make their child understand what is junk food and what is healthy for them and the choice should then be left on them. As long as a child’s body does not hamper his or her activities and is not a burden to the child, then no matter what shape -skinny , healthy, fat-the child is, he or she is all right.

Times of India