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Shortage of red roses in the city

This year the climate has affected rose production in areas such as Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata. Valentine’s Day is incomplete without the roses and there is a huge demand for roses in the town.

A local rose stick that earlier cost Rs 10 is now selling at Rs 20 and Rs 30 with decorations, while the imported red roses which usually are available at Rs 30 per stick are selling for Rs 45-50 and Rs 60 (with decorations) per stick.

The low production of red roses in the region and the whole of northern India has caused an acute shortage of red roses in the city. There is a huge demand for roses and youngsters are not ready to give a second thought while purchasing roses for their dear ones.

Times of India

Women would be pleased to receive gadget as gift on Valentine’s Day

According to a new study, Woman would be more pleased to receive electronics rather than traditional gifts, like roses and chocolates, on Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day 2012 is here and love birds are in search of unique Valentine’s Day Gift. The study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) found eight in 10 women now expressing an interest in consumer electronics (CE) products.

The women’s interest in technology has increased in the last five years. There is an increase of 10 percentage points over the previous study in 2007. In the previous study the CE spending gap was closer to 200 dollars. But, now, On average, men spent 728 dollars on CE purchases in the past 12 months while women spent 667 dollars during the same period, a difference of 61 dollars.

Women, however, are far less likely to claim ownership of most CE products. The study shows that women are more likely to consider CE products as “household” products such as TVs and DVD players, to be shared with a spouse, partner, roommate or child. But when it comes to newer and mobile technologies, such as e-readers, notebook computers and smartphones, women were more likely than men to claim sole ownership.

Times of India

Kids using Social networking are practising 21st century skills

Convince your parents and teachers that spending time on social networking sites is not all that bad.

If you (parents) are worried that your children are spending most of their time on networking sites, according to studies there are educational benefits of social networking sites. Such websites offer tremendous educational potential. The educators have a vast opportunity to support and influence what students are learning online.

“We found out that students using networking sites are actually practising the kind of 21st century skills we need to develop to be successful today,” said Christine Greenhow, a learning technologies researcher in the university and principal investigator of the study.

The researchers have found out that very few students were actually aware of these opportunities. So, to convince their parents, they will first have to make good use of this platform.

Times of India