Indiblogger Ranks 76 for Our Blog

My blog A blog by Rakesh HP ranked 76 out of 100 which is highest ever achieved Indirank for our blog. Indirank is a system by Indiblogger, network of Indian blogs and bloggers, to rank the blogs in the Indiblogger network. There are number of Indian blogs and bloggers which have categories like personal blog, movie blog, photo blogs, science blogs and a lot more. A blog by Rakesh HP is categorized under personal blog.

Every month Indiblogger evaluates the blog performance and rank accordingly. The higher Indirank indicates the blog or blogger updates regularly and it is better for the blog. Indirank use number of criteria such as rss feed update, mozrank, alexa rank, frequency of posting etc. Earlier google page rank was also a criteria for ranking but now the same is not considered for calculating.

As a blogger and being part of, I am glad to share my Indiranking with my readers. I would also like to give a happy news that my blog “A blog by Rakesh HP” has been listed in Top Personal blogs. There were 6499 blogs found in Top Personal blogs and my blogA blog by Rakesh HP” listed in page 451-460 (as 454 th blog when updating this blog)

Indirank *76

Alexa Rank in Top Personal Blogs

Thank you one and all for your regular visit, comments, feedback and thank you for being a constant source of inspiration to me.