Prepare your child to return to school

Schools will reopen all over India in the next few weeks and time for the return to school is fast approaching and it is a good idea to prepare them for the fall days ahead. Start about two weeks before school actually opens to get their psychological as well as their physical “clocks” back into sync.

Some of the things you will need to present to the children are: bedtimes, schedules for getting up and dressed, expectations about school work and homework, requirement to participate in extracurricular activities and sports and chores during the school year.

As the kid has to again make a habit of early to bed and early to raise, its better to keep the school routine going. Get up early and go for a walk with your kid, this will make them feel fresh and healthy and they will also get into the habit of getting up early. Similarly make them go to bed early. NO late night cartoon watching or playing games. This will make them disciplined as well.

Malayalam Ladies Program Grihasakhi Jeevan TV

Women entrepreneurs and professionals shares their experience with Griha Sakhi a ladies program in Jeevan TV a popular channel in Malayalam. Watch their chat with your favourite Jeevan TV anchor and get inspired to start you own business for women from home. Please feel to share your thoughts and suggestion via comments.

Watch an interview with Arts & Craft expert Jennifer Augestin.

Watch an interview with Fashion designer Ashima Arjun.

Watch an interview with mehndi designer Bipasha.

Watch an interview with Jyothidi Aswani, a business entrepreneur.

A chat with actress and classical dancer Sithara Balakrishnan

A chat with Sheila Kochouseph, Managing Director of V-Star

A chat with Lakshmi Devi, the Joint Secretary and Executive Director of Abhayagramam a home for destitute women.

Friendly chat with playback singer Rupa Kuldip

Chat with Simi a music teacher at the Amadeus academy of music and fine arts.

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Holiday plans of thousands of passengers ruined

While Air India cancelled six flights, Kingfisher Airlines cancelled services mainly in the north Indian sectors. Due to the ongoing strikes of pilots holiday plans of thousands of passengers from across the country have been ruined following the cancellation of flights.

The flights cancelled by Air India include Seoul-Hongkong-New Delhi, New Delhi-Toronto, Mumbai-Newark, Mumbai-London and AI Express’s Mumbai-Mangalore and Mangalore-Mumbai. The KFA services cancelling ruin the holiday plans of travellers going to the cool climes of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir.

Air India, Kingfisher pilot strike leaving passengers in hell

The Indian Pilots Guild (IPG), while accusing Air India management of backtracking on its commitments, have sought Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh’s intervention and appealed him to “open negotiation channels” to resolve the crises.

The pilots of the cash-strapped KFA, who have been demanding salaries on time, claim that the airline management went back on its commitment of paying up from May 9, and hence they resorted to the agitation.

IPL season five

ipl news



We are peaking at the right time: Kohli

ipl newsDelhi aim to crash Chennai’s playoff hopes

Bangalore thrash Pune by 35 runs

Kohli’s can-do attitude working for RCB

Mumbai suffer Sachin blow

With 2015 in mind, India need genuine allrounders

Sourav Ganguly not to play IPL 2013
Subrata Roy has told CNN-IBN that Sourav Ganguly will remain just a mentor of the team from 2013.

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South Actors Sneha and Prasanna tied the knot

Actors Sneha and Prasanna tied the knot on May 11 at a traditional marriage ceremony attended by family members, relatives and close friends. Both the actors looked adorable in traditional ‘pattu veshti-pattu pudavai’ and they were all smiles as they entered wedlock, in the backdrop of ‘mantras, getti melam’ and ‘atchadhais’.

The marriage took place at Sri Varu Venkatachalapathy Palace at Vanagaram Chennai. The function was attended by friends, colleagues and well-wishers as top stars from Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada industries. According to media source, Prasanna and Sneha fell in love when they worked together for ‘Achamundu Achamundu‘.

It is has also been learnt that Sneha sold the media coverage of her marriage to a regional news channel for a handsome amount. Guess that amount will come in use while they jot down the exotic locations of the world to travel for honeymoon. Within a few days after the marriage, the couple is expected to fly to a few foreign locations for their honeymoon.

Sneha says, “Prasanna’s mother has been showering loads of affection on me. After marriage, I would like to lead a simple life, like that of any ordinary woman. I would try my best to be a perfect wife. I will consult with Prasanna before taking the decision whether to continue acting in films or not.”

Before starting the shoot of ‘Achamundu Achamundu’, director Arun Vaidyanathan wanted to break the ice between Prasanna and Sneha, as he expected a great chemistry from them since the film had them as husband and wife. So he ensured that both actors spent time together on the streets of the United States, where the movie was shot.

Like any lover couple in these parts, Prasanna and Sneha too had their own set of problems. However, these hiccups only made their relationship stronger.

Sneha and Prasanna’s grand wedding

Resolution on Mother’s Day for Working Moms

Mother’s Day is here and your kids or family may prepared for your surprise gift. They might have planned a day for you like helping on Mother’s day breakfast, lunch at your favorite restaurant or evening a family get together. If you’re a mom who not only has beautiful children but also a job, you may be working late nights in the office missing a family dinner, missing from your children’s life. According to source, 34 percent of mothers admit to spending less than three hours each day with their children.

Raising children while holding a job outside of the home will always be a challenge. For working women in India, Mother’s Day is not a matter as they either busy preparing for office work next day or still busy in office on this lazy Sunday. Here comes another Mother’s Day and it is time to plan to spend more time with their children. Following are some Resolution for Working Moms  on Mother’s Day to spend more time with their children and family.

    • Check with your human resources department and employee manual to see if company allow you to work from home one or more days per week.
    • Wake up one full hour before your child does. This will allow you to drink coffee, get dressed, take care of your own pre-work tasks and get breakfast staged before the kids get moving. Once they do wake up, you’ll feel less harried because you’ll be able to focus your attention on them.

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  • Find ways to help out your kid’s teacher and school by offering to do tasks that won’t require you to make an appearance in person during regular school hours. Just ask the teacher what you can do during your off hours; he or she will appreciate it, and that’s good for your kid.
  • Make friends with other parents who may be able to give your kids rides to activities when you can’t. Be sure to return the favor in ways that fit into your schedule.
  • Know your kids friend’s parents and plan a weekend outing or lunch to build friendship and helping mentality in both.
  • Make your family a priority. Often working moms think 24/7 about their work, deadlines, issue with colleagues, blast of manager, planning ahead for tomorrow and some planning extra or over time work for more revenue. But you must remember, for everyone their family must be a priority because tomorrow if a market falls company won’t hesitate to fire you and then realizing you dedicated your whole life for your work but not for family, it may be too late.
  • Devote your weekends and any free weekday evenings to family activities. Even if you can’t plan a mid-week activity, make a quick phone call to your children to see how their school day went.
  • Keep evenings and weekends free of projects so you can rest and be completely recharged when you head back to the office.
  • You might be tempted to do everything yourself, but make sure you’re letting the people around you take on some responsibility. This will ease your workload and allow your staff to develop their skills.
How Working Mother Balances Work and Family – Stacie Grossman Bloom

Mother’s Day a day to honor Mother

In India, it is celebrated on every year on second Sunday of May and Mother’s Day 2012 falls on May 13, Sunday. According to an Asia Mom Survey by consumer goods firm Procter & Gamble (P&G) conducted across 12 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, indicates that 55 percent of respondents in India expressed appreciation to their mother infrequently and 23 percent of respondents could not even remember the last time they thanked their moms. Around 57 per cent of respondents said they never celebrated Mother’s Day with their mom even though 67 per cent thought the day was a great opportunity to thank their moms. As many as 45 per cent of respondents felt it was best to shower love on the mom by giving her something she likes.

Mother’s Day in India is celebrations of mothers and motherhood. A mother is not just a mom or women who given birth to a child. But one and all women who has raised a child, fulfills the main social role in raising the child, an adoptive mother, a stepmother, a surrogate mother, a woman who plays major role in helping the poor and orphaned children etc. Every Mum, hopes to give their children a bright future and on Mother’s Day it is a time to celebrate our mums and remember their sacrifice .

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa entrusted with the mission of proclaiming God’s thirsting love for humanity, especially for the poorest of poor. Mother Teresa with a desire to become a missionary,left her home at the age of 18 and she was one of the great servants of humanity. Mother Teresa’s (original name was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu) at the age of 18 she left her parental home in Skopje and joined the Sisters of Loreto, an Irish community of nuns with missions in India. There she received her name Sister Mary Teresa and on 1937 became “spouse of Jesus“. From that time on, she was called Mother Teresa. Mother Teresa’s work has been recognised and acclaimed throughout the world and she has received a number of awards and distinctions. On March 13, 1997, Mother Teresa stepped down from the head of Missionaries of Charity and died on September 5, 1997, just 9 days after her 87th birthday. Click Here for some famous quotes by Mother Teresa.

Put a smile on your mom’s face Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day in India is not alien to India. For thousands of years Hindus have been celebrating a ten-day festival, Durga Puja, honouring the divine mother Durga, in early October. However, in India, Mother’s Day is observed mostly in cities, where people are more in contact with cultural traditions of the rest of the world. On this Mother’s Day plan something special or gift her to surprise to telling her you still remember how she used to care for you.

Here we list a few gifts and gestures that could put a smile on your mom’s face Mother’s Day.

Surprise her by making breakfast this Sunday.

Mothers day Gift ideas
Say it with flowers, cards: Keep it classic and simple with a bunch of fresh flowers to brighten her day, and a few words of appreciation through a card to let her know she is special. Ferns N Petals has a wide range of bouquets to offer, and these can be conveniently ordered online.

Make her tech-savvy: Put your mother in touch with the latest in technology and gift her a laptop, a new smartphone or iPhone, an iPod or perhaps even a new LCD screen on which she can watch and enjoy her favourite shows.

Jazz her up with jewels: A ring, neckpiece, bangle or a pair of dangling earrings — loosen up your pocket to buy your mother some pure gold or diamond jewellery. She will be more than happy to flaunt it. For those with a limited budget, try charming her with art jewellery from stores like Karigari, offering a special 15 percent discount for the occasion.

Warm up her wardrobe: Clothes are never enough for a woman’s wardrobe, but give your mother’s closet a contemporary twist. Buy her a designer sari, a salwar-kameez or if she is comfortable with Western wear, check out what’s in vogue in international stores like Mango and Zara. If she usually chooses sobre colours, gift her something colourful to add brightness to her looks.

Pamper her with a spa session: Bringing up a child is not a child’s play. So what better way than to ask your mom to relax for once? Gift her a spa session, which will rejuvenate and energise her. Several spas and parlours are doling out special packages for Mother’s Day, with VLCC even offering a slimming programme for moms who want to get into shape.

A date with mom: A perfect Sunday brunch at a nice eatery or a chilled out dinner date to a pub that your mother may never have gone to will give you a chance to pull your mother out of the kitchen. And she won’t be complaining at all!

If there is any one woman, other than your own mother, who has been a mother figure to you, surprise her by visiting her with a box of chocolates.


Michael Jackson Video Songs

Michael Jackson – Earth Song

Michael Jackson – Remember The Time

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Malayalam poetry- Malayalam kavithakal

Malayalam Kavitha kannada
poet :murugan kaattakada

Malayalam Kavitha AMMA VILIKKUNNU
poet : ONV Kurup

Malayalam Kavitha Aarodu yathra parayendu
poet : ONV Kurup

Malayalam Kavitha Rathrimazha
poet : Sugathakumari

Malayalam Kavitha Balashapangal
poet : Madhusudhanan Nair
Singer: Anjana

Malayalam Kavitha Naadevide makkale
poet : Ayyappapanikar
Singer: kavalam srikumar

Malayalam Kavitha Oruthulli raktham

Malayalam Kavitha Sathyathinethra Vayassayi

Malayalam Kavitha Bagdad
Singer: Murukan Kattakkada

Malayalam Kavitha Kozhiyunna Ilakal Paranjathu
Singer: Murukan Kattakkada