Malayalam Ladies Program Grihasakhi Jeevan TV

Women entrepreneurs and professionals shares their experience with Griha Sakhi a ladies program in Jeevan TV a popular channel in Malayalam. Watch their chat with your favourite Jeevan TV anchor and get inspired to start you own business for women from home. Please feel to share your thoughts and suggestion via comments.

Watch an interview with Arts & Craft expert Jennifer Augestin.

Watch an interview with Fashion designer Ashima Arjun.

Watch an interview with mehndi designer Bipasha.

Watch an interview with Jyothidi Aswani, a business entrepreneur.

A chat with actress and classical dancer Sithara Balakrishnan

A chat with Sheila Kochouseph, Managing Director of V-Star

A chat with Lakshmi Devi, the Joint Secretary and Executive Director of Abhayagramam a home for destitute women.

Friendly chat with playback singer Rupa Kuldip

Chat with Simi a music teacher at the Amadeus academy of music and fine arts.

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