Prepare your child to return to school

Schools will reopen all over India in the next few weeks and time for the return to school is fast approaching and it is a good idea to prepare them for the fall days ahead. Start about two weeks before school actually opens to get their psychological as well as their physical “clocks” back into sync.

Some of the things you will need to present to the children are: bedtimes, schedules for getting up and dressed, expectations about school work and homework, requirement to participate in extracurricular activities and sports and chores during the school year.

As the kid has to again make a habit of early to bed and early to raise, its better to keep the school routine going. Get up early and go for a walk with your kid, this will make them feel fresh and healthy and they will also get into the habit of getting up early. Similarly make them go to bed early. NO late night cartoon watching or playing games. This will make them disciplined as well.


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