Rakhi gift ideas

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan is one of the festivals of India. This festival is celebrated to strengthening the bond of love between brothers and sisters. Since ages, Rakhi celebrations are well known for sentiments, love and enjoyment. Today, you can see fancy and colorful Rakhis in every market. Online portals and Online shopping websites come up with unique gift ideas like Rakhi Gift Ideas for brothers, Rakhi Gift Ideas for sisters etc. where they can send Rakhi and Rakhi Gifts to any part of the country.

Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan in History

In Indian history, there are many historical evidences where King refrained from killing the defeated king in the war honoring the Raksha Bandhan. According to the source,
At the time when Alexander invaded India, Alexander’s wife, who had heard of the Rakhi festival, approached King Puru. King Puru accepted her as his sister and when the opportunity came during the war, he refrained from Alexander.
The most significant evidence in the history, Lord Krishna and Draupathi. Draupathi had torn a strip of cloth from her sari and tied around wrist to stop the bleeding of Lord Krishna’s hand. He promised her to repay this debt whenever she needs in the future.

   Krishna protecting Draupadi

Once Pandavas and draupadi had taken their food and Durvasa arrived, there was no food left to serve him, Draupadi prayed to Lord Krishna for help. As always, they were once again saved by Him, who partook of a single grain of rice from the Akshaya Patra and announced that He was satisfied by the meal. This satiated the hunger of Durvasa and all his disciples too, as the satisfaction of Lord Krishna meant the satiation of the hunger of the whole Universe. When the pandavas lost Draupathi in the game of dice and the Kauravas were removing her saari, Krishna helped her divinely elongating the saari so that they could not remove it.

Rakhi Celebrations

Raksha Bandhan or rakhi has its unique significance. It is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana. The Raksha Bandhan day 2012 is on august 02, 2012.Ladies start shopping for rakhi and rakhi gifts quite early. On the Raksha bandhan day, the sister performs brother’s arti, puts tika and chawal on his forehead and ties Rakhi. Give sweets to their brothers to eat. In return, brothers pamper their sisters and present beautiful gifts to lure them. They also promise to take care of her and stand by her side in any circumstances.

So, go ahead and mark this Rakhi Date in your personal calendar and celebrate Raksha Bandhan 2012 with your siblings. Send online Rakhi gifts, Raksha bandhan message and greetings

Courtesy: http://www.raksha-bandhan.com/raksha-bandhan-in-history.html





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