Kaikottikali Mumbai Pooram 2012

Women from Maharashtra and other states have shown interest in participating in the Maha Kaikottikali event during Mumbai Pooram 2012. Around 2700 ladies performing this traditional dance of Kerala in traditional Kerala attire performed to scale into Guinness Book of Records.

World’s BIGGEST Kerala Cultural Fest held at KDMC stadium MIDC Dombivli (E), Mumbai. Suburban Dombivli’s KDMC grounds was packed with Malayalis as well as other Mumbaikars to watch a beautiful spectacle of dancers, mostly Malayalis dressed in traditional attire to perform the Kaikottikali dance at the three-day Mumbai Pooram 2012, described as “the world’s biggest Kerala festival held outside the state.

In Mumbai Pooram 2011, Kaikottikali dancers entered the Limca Book of World Records for the maximum number of participants and this year they hope to reach further. Officials from the Guiness Book of World Records were present to watch the performance for synchronization and overall presentation.

Mumbai Pooram Video venadtv.com_MumbaiPooram


Schools will not be able to celebrate Children’s Day

Children's Day IndiaWith Diwali on November 13, schools are trying their best to squeeze in Children’s Day celebrations before the vacation. The schools have either postponed celebrations or cancelled them altogether.

Dr Pratibha Mirashi, managing director, NSS Hillspring International School at Tardeo said children, too, are in the mood to celebrate Diwali.However, they might have to come to school on Sunday, November 11 to celebrate National Education Day, says education department.


CommonFloor on Young Turks — CNBC, TV 18

CNBC TV18 did a segment on Commonfloor on its entrepreneur show YOUNG TURKS on the 20th October, at 11 a.m.This Young Turks special series spoke about CommonFloor as a successful business model for e-commerce based network marketing and their impressive product offerings and growth story on ‘The Next Big Opportunity in India’.


Diwali shopping ideas

Diwali is the most important festival and the tradition of lighting oil lamps or ‘diyas’ and candles is central to the celebration of Diwali. In India, preparations of Diwali, usually, begins soon after the completion of Navratri. On the day of Diwali, people decorate their houses with flowers, colors and embellishments. Here are some tips for your Diwali Shopping.

  1. Give an Ethnic or Festival look to your home with Diwali decorative items.
  2. Buy loads of sweets and chocolates to distribute to your friends, relatives & neighbors.
  3. With only your relatives and friends in mind do not forget yourself. Buy new clothes or Diwali ethnic dress for you and your family.
  4. Buy the lamps and ‘diyas’ (i.e. the small clay lamps) to decorate your house.
  5. Firecrackers have become traditionally part of the Diwali celebration.
  6. Puja Thali or platter, is a useful item for any home. It is a plate, usually made out of copper, steel, gold, silver or brass that is used to keep all those accessories that are required during rituals.
  7. Food serves an important part in the Diwali celebration. If you wish to give a Diwali feast or dinner, you can call everyone for dinner.
  8. In Diwali Shopping list after dress, women or ladies prefer ornaments.
  9. Some people prefer latest gadgets and energy saving home appliances in their diwali shopping list.
  10. Diwali Lantern or Hanging Lantern is vital and you must include in your diwali shopping list. When shopping for Diwali, electric lamps are unavoidable as it is festival of lights and various styles or shape bulbs are available.

Plan well your diwali festival and have an amazing diwali shopping. 2012 Diwali is on November 13 Tuesday. Have a safe and Happy Diwali.