Bonsai gift worth Rs 2.5 crore into a dumpyard in Lalbagh

S Srinivas (popularly known as Bonsai Srinivas), seeks legal help to save the 1,000-Odd Plants he had gifted to the Botanical Garden in 2002. In 2002, as S Srinivas packed his bags to shift to the US, he had only one worry: Finding a home for his prized bonsai garden of 1,000 plants. Finally, he decided that the best place would be Lalbagh, where he was sure that trained gardeners would tend to them.

Bonsai SrinivasHe returned to India in 2006 after an accident in the US, and was shocked to see the condition of his plants. Ever since, he’s been fighting for the upkeep of his little park. No honorarium was paid to him from July 2006, as stipulated under his agreement with Lalbagh, and neither was an MoU signed by the department.

Srinivas said the department had agreed to name the garden after his father Seetharam and mother Ratnamma. But over a decade later, the park has neither been named nor inaugurated.

“Because of their antique value, each plant in the garden costs Rs 8-10 lakh. I fear my plants have been illegally sold; the inventory appears goofed up. The park has less than 500 plants today,’’ he says.



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