Realty portals with the improving technologies

buy onlineRealty portals in India is upgrading with the improving technologies. It has everything for their user irrespective of the user is a owner or brokers, property developers or builders, seeking property for rent or buy. Online real estate portals are also attracting equity investors and venture capitalists. It’s the new entrants that have brought in new technology and trends in the segment, thanks to which, now all websites are trying to offer new services to customers, from property location to even help with documents. This is a step towards giving users the feeling of having actually visited the sites.

Till recently, most portals listed resale properties offered by either owners or brokers. Now they are directly offering properties available with developers, including newly launched projects. These are displayed on the sites in various ways, including custom made 3D models of buildings and interactive aerial views of project sites.

Sumit Jain, chief executive officer and founder of, said — “We use tools like Sky View, 3D Virtual Tour and e-model to help our users ‘see and feel’ the property before they actually see it.

Almost all realty portals offer map-based property search. While searching for a property, photographs and videos are helpful as these give a sense of having visited the place. Home owners and property agents use these tools to attract home seekers to specific properties. With more and more people using smartphones and tablets, websites alone would not suffice, which is why many companies have developed apps for hand-held devices.

News Source: Bloomberg Businessweek


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