India vs South Africa Match Prediction

Pic: managementparadise

Pic: managementparadise

India vs South Africa is expected to be an interesting match as both are strong teams and one of the most powerful of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Both the teams has won their first match and in confidence for the match on 22nd February in Melbourne.

India vs South Africa Match Prediction is thus tough to make as both the teams are equally strong.Many factors will be responsible for the result of the match.Looking at the pitch,it is favourable for bowling and South Africa has got great bowlers like Dale Stein,Morne Morkel etc. India has got some decent bowlers with Ashwin,Yadav and Shammi. Shammi was the leading wicket taker last year. However Indian bowlers lack experience as compared to South African bowlers.

Sachin, who had praised Virat Kohli for his match-winning tendencies, also warned India of being over-dependent on the star batsman and singled out Ajinkya Rahane as an underrated talent. Commentating on the bowlers, Tendulkar said that Mohammed Shami and company should take individual responsibility and rely on momentum.





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