Trend in World Cup 2015: India v/s South Africa

Pic: managementparadise

Pic courtsey: managementparadise

After India Vs Pakistan, cricket enthusiasts and fans are waiting for the India v/s South Africa match an exciting Pool B clash at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Twitter and Facebook trends like #wewontgiveitback, #maukamauka etc are trending in support of Team India and South Africa.

Team India fans are confident, this time India will defeat South Africa. South Africa fans are also confident that history will be repeated like the previous three occasions where they clashed during the coveted event in 1992, 1999 and 2011 India losing by six, four and three wickets respectively.

To know who will win, cricket fans will have to wait till February 22nd Sunday. Both the winning teams of their respective 1st match will compete against each other on 22nd February in 13th Match of ICC Cricket World cup 2015.

See how India gives it back to South Africans for mocking them with ‘Mauka Mauka’
Indian fans come up with their own reply to the ad jibe.


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