My Achievements in this year

Today we all are going to welcome 2010 and give farewell for 2009. This New Year Eve is time for merry making, party and planning for better future. People all over the country are busy in planning for their New year Eve, organizing party and Setting New Year resolution. This is also a time to look back the path which traveled in this whole year. We saw Ups and downs, some of us also lost our beloved friends, relatives or family members in this year. This also a time to analyze what all things we achieved and plan for future never to repeat the mistake which led to bitter moments that spoiled our mood.

For me 2009 is one of the memorable year that added a mile stone in my life and the year which led me to my current company (common Floor) where I got an opportunity to work in a team which helped me to learn new things, gave feedback where I improved and where I need improvement. I feel my life has got some professionalism and well balance with my social life and corporate life.

When I think of those days when my brother met with accident, I felt this year will be worse for our family but my brother was more courage and bold than me who helped whole family to regain their courage. Within one month he recovered and our family again became happy. This year is where we had family get-together, we all children met in native and had good time enjoying festival. Year 2009 is also a year which blessed my sister and her family with cute baby who became one and important member in our family.

In this year I had successful bloging which became a source to share my ideas, thoughts and knowledge with all people who regularly visits this blog when I have an update. Now we all are looking forward to 2010 and hope this year will bring all happiness, prosperity and success in our family member’s life, friends life and one and all who are reading this blog. Thank you for your support and feedback. Wish you a Happy 2010 and a bright future.