E-Summit 2010 Startup Showcasing at IIT Bombay

The Entrepreneurship Summit (E-Summit) 2010, held at IIT Bombay on 7th February, 2010 for Startup Showcasing. Startup Showcasing creates opportunities for startups to procure interested persons for internship as well as full-time employment, thus giving them a chance to get exposed to first hand entrepreneurial experience. Startup Showcasing aims to provide visibility to some of the most exciting and innovative start-ups by showcasing them at E-Summit.

E-Summit is an annual entrepreneurship event conducted by the eCell of the IIT Bombay. E-Summit 2010 held at IIT Bombay on 7th February. E-Summit 2010 brings in panel discussions carried out by some of the most eminent leaders and distinguished entrepreneurs.

Selected Startup for E-Summit 2010 for Startup Showcasing are following:

CommonFloor, Pristine, Voicetap, Twistcontent.com, CTech Labs, WebVivah, Zeusnumerix, Butterfly Fields, Spoxchange, GrassRoutes, IkenSolutions, IDuple, RoboSoftSystem and Vardenchi Motorcycles.

Vulture’s Nest is a unique initiative taken by The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay. Set in a reality show format,which will be aired on ET Now, the participants get an opportunity to pitch in front of investors about their startup.

Common Floor is an online application that provides a feature rich and private portal for residential community (Apartment Complex, Gated Layout, Villas or a Colony), for better and effective information sharing among apartment owners and its residents. Commonfloor.com, India’s biggest online apartment community.

Reference: Common Floor showcased at e-summit iit bombay

Winter Decoration for Apartment

Changing decoration of your apartment according to season gives fresh look for your apartment. Winter décor will add on special effects and give warm or cozy winter look for your apartment.Colors that are associated with fire, such as gold, orange, and red, give an instant feeling of warm and cozy.

Decorating your apartment can be a huge help in keeping you warm during the cold winter months. Today there are home décor magazines and websites that give you ideas and tips for decorating your apartment. Winter decoration gives warm look and helps in giving your apartment fresh look.

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Get A Commonfloor for your apartment

Are you a resident of apartment? Are you planning to buy or sell your property or apartment? Are you searching for tips for makeover of your apartment? Want Legal advice or guidelines?

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Commonfloor is online portal for residents of apartment all over India. It lets you to connect with people in your apartment and it is free of cost. You can register with your email id and enjoy the features available at one click.

The articles at Knowledge provides you tips on home makeover, guidelines for property buying and selling, parenting, legal advice and lots more.

You can Join Commonfloor with your existing email id. Commonfloor offers various tools to the Association, Owners and tenants of a residential society. Management Committee of the apartment can use Commonfloor as a medium to communicate. For Residents, Commonfloor helps in creating an active social community, providing a social platform for interaction between the residents, tenants, owners and association.

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Making an Apartment Life More Enjoyment


Every apartment has an association of owners. This association works for the entertainment and enjoyment of residence in the apartment. Do you know why owner’s association is formed? Owner’s association is formed for welfare of residence in apartment and distribute or collect maintenance charge of common area equally. Your association can make apartment life more enjoyment and make your association active in your neighborhood. Here are some tips for you.

  • Free health checkup: Association can conduct a free health check where residence from your neighborhood can also actively participate. This helps to provide timely checkup for residence in apartment and makes your association popular in the neighborhood.
  • Cultural program: It is trend of cultural program like classical songs, dance, music etc. You can conduct some cultural program in your apartment for entertainment of residence in your apartment.
  • Tournament: Association can conduct tournament among residence in apartment or you can increase spirit by conducting tournament for apartments in your neighborhood. If your apartment has two or more apartment, this adds spirit and competition in tournament.
  • Talent Hunt Program: This is one the best opportunity to find talent of residence in your apartment. You can organize competitions like drawing, painting, singing and other entertainment program
  • Support energy and water conservation: Awareness program and contest for saving fuel, energy and water. You can conduct program for saving energy and water in your apartment. Contest for residence using less energy and water for a month etc.
  • Social service: Your association can sponsor some social service or work with other association in your neighborhood to offer social service.
  • Weekend entertainment: This is entertainment for residence and association in every weekend. This helps to relax from busy schedule and have entertainment in apartment. Association can plan various program for enjoyable weekend.
  • Session for meeting and get together: Association can conduct meeting at regular interval to know the problems of residence in apartment and some get together program where neighbors can know each other.

These help an association to actively work for residence welfare and get a good impression on the functioning of association. There are number of apartment where residence considers association is only to collect monthly expense and maintain common area of an apartment. Conducting these activities helps association to offer mutual help to residence and associations in neighborhood.

If you have some interesting ideas for making association of apartment more active and work for welfare of residence feel free to share and give your feedback or comment.