Navratri 2012- Festivals of India

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Navratri is a mix-up festival of dance, music, worship and entertainment.

People celebrate these cultural festivals with their family members & friends.

In 2012, the festival date is October 16th to 24th.

Dandiya Raas in Navratri is a mesmerizing thing to watch as well as to participate in.

Dandiya Raas is performed in the honor of Goddess Durga. It is the dramatization of a mock fight between the Goddess and Mahishasura – the mighty demon-king.

Traditionally, Dandiya Raas is performed after aarti (ritual of worshipping the diety).

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We wish you all a Happy Navratri 2012, Vijaya Dashami & a happy Dussehra 2012.

Dasara jumbos head to Mysore

Balarama, along with Abhimanyu, Gajendra,Arjuna, Mary, and Sarala, set off on a ceremonial journey from Veerana Hosahalli to the palace city of Mysore. Balarama-An elephant, who has been leading the Dasara parade for years, he will carry the golden howdah from Lakshmivilas Palace to Bannimantap, during Vijayadashami.

Abhimanyu will pull the chariot of the royal musical ensemble (sangeeta goshti) and Gajendra will be the king’s special escort (pattada aane of maharaja); Arjuna will be the guide elephant. Decked in dazzling silk and satin, these majestic animals were a visual treat to the villagers of Veerana Hosahalli.


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Chief conservator of forests BJ Hosmath said that the elephants will be taken care of by the forest department and will be shifted to Mysore Palace stables on August 11. The city too will give these elephants a grand, civic reception.

This journey of the elephants is the first event of the Dasara calendar, commemorating the festival. The second batch of elephants, Srirama, Kanthi, Kokila, Harsha and Vikram, will be brought to Mysore a week later.

Ayudha Pooja on Navarathri

People all over India worship their books,tools and vehicles on nineth day of navarthri. Ayudha pooja is worship of tools or whatever implements one may use in one’s livelihood.The importance of Ayudha Puja on this occasion may also be due to the fact that on the Vijayadasami day, Arjuna took back his weapons which he had hidden in a Vani tree in order to lead a life in disguise for the promised period of exile.
On this auspicious day, students offer their books to the Goddess Saraswati    who is known to bestow knowledge and wisdom to all of her worshippers.It is popular belief that students are forbidden to read on that day; the next day which is Vijaya Dashami is when they should re-open their text books and read thereby invoking the blessings of the Goddess of learning.To all the workers the worship of their tools is a must on this day.All the tools ,machines etc are cleaned ,painted and well polished after which they are smeared with sandalwood paste and vermilion with great care.

The day prior to ayudha pooja people decorate their house with floral and keep vehicles and tools clean for next day pooja. On ayudha pooja, people all over India worship their tools,vehicles and students offer their books to temple for pooja. During this time, in various parts of India, the ‘Ram-Leela’ is performed. Ram-Leela is a stage inaction of Ramayana, the story of Lord Rama.