Do you know why you must have curd during summer?

Curd is a delicious and nutritious coolant that helps to keeps you hydrated throughout summer. It is one of the richest sources of calcium, a good source of protein, has vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc and phosphorus. Adding curd to your meal is beneficial for your health and helps to keep you cool during summer. You can make a glass of lassi, or just add some fruits to make it delicious and lip smacking.

Applying curd on skin, enhance your beauty by making your skin smooth and soft. Vitamin E, zinc and phosphorus present in the curd will improve your complexion.

Having a small cup of curd or dahi will give a better relief from dysentery. Daily consumption of curd will help to prevent diseases like osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Helps in strengthening your bones and teeth. It helps in curing many stomach infections including H.pylori infection. It also manages blood pressure and promotes heart health.

Just have chilled curd or dahi when you are tired and experience yourself why curd is a must-have during summer.

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Let the child listen to the voice of his or her own stomach – Rujuta Diwekar

Nutrition Consultant explained to the group that it is important for them to respect a child’s taste buds. Illustrating her point further, she said that most children are constantly distracted while they eat. Parents either divert children with television or other things to make them eat.

Each child’s body gives him or her signals on what it needs. The only person who can understand these signals is the child himself. Giving an example , she said that a child who has dal chawal in the earliest eating years starts detesting dal after the age of two and wants only rice with ghee or sugar. This happens because the body needs amino acid till the age of two, which it gets from the dal. But, thereafter, the body doesn’t need any more amino acid so the child stops liking dal.

So if parents complain that a child eats too much junk, they must first see what they themselves eat. Parents need to make their child understand what is junk food and what is healthy for them and the choice should then be left on them. As long as a child’s body does not hamper his or her activities and is not a burden to the child, then no matter what shape -skinny , healthy, fat-the child is, he or she is all right.

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Advantages of Extra-Curricular Activities

Allowing your child to get involved in extracurricular activities is a wise choice, and it can be very important in helping them to develop their skills. Getting involved in extracurricular activities also allows students to get involved in diverse interests.Enrolling children in a few extracurricular activities can build self esteem and help develop social skills as well as help them to stay physically fit.

Developing a positive hobby in a child goes a long way in keeping him away from negative influences of life and at times, even plays a decisive role in determining his career path. If parents start early in giving their kids several new experiences that help them explore the world around them, the latter are less likely to face the problems arising out of boredom in their life. Kids’ extracurricular activities should be based on what is best for their age.

It is important for them to make friends with other kids with similar interests which is possible by participation in sports. The positive impact on health and emotional development of the kids leave them better equipped mentally to deal with the problems they might face in the future.

Benefits of extracurricular activities of kids are not confined to their personality development but achievement in these activities is also required to get better scholastic grades. There are some schools which have the policy that insists on good grades before they allow them to participate in extracurricular activities.

Eating meat is directly responsible for global warming

There are many human activities that contribute to global warming. Among the biggest contributors are electrical generation, the use of passenger and other vehicles, over-consumption, international shipping, deforestation, smoking and militarism.

According to Inter-Governmental Committee on Climate Change eating meat is directly responsible for global warming.

There is a strong link between human diet and methane emissions from livestock. Changing one’s eating habits from the Standard American Diet to a vegetarian diet does more to fight global warming than switching from a gas guzzling SUV to a fuel-efficient hybrid car.

Cattle farming, also called animal agriculture, is primarily done to meet the demands of the meat-eating population. It not only leads to deforestation, these animals also liberate methane. The production of methane is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide in causing global warming. One farm houses about 15,000 cattle. While a vegetarian uses one unit (requirement for livelihood like food and water) of earth, a non-vegetarian uses 1.4 units of the earth. Thus, a non vegetarian is exploiting the earth’s resources.

Dr Kalyan Gangwal, founder president of Sarva Jeeva Mangal Pratisthan Said “Diet has a direct relation with global warming. Shifting away from SUVs and SUV-style diets, to more energy-efficient alternatives is key to fighting the warming trend.” According to him, one cannot call themselves environmentalists who are non vegetarian.  He stressed that his propagating of vegetarianism is based on scientific facts. According to him, that observing for a day (World Meatless ad Animal Rights Day) on November 25 will not do, one should cut down the meat intake.

If anyone wants to save the planet, all they have to do is just stop eating meat. That’s the single most important thing you could do.Global warming may be the most serious global social problem threatening life on Earth. We need to fight global warming on the governmental and corporate levels, and we also need to fight global warming on the everyday and personal levels.