RTO will come to College

Bangalore: College students will no longer have to go to the Regional Transport Office (RTO) to get a Learner’s Licence. Transport Minister R Ashok said the motor vehicle inspectors functioning under various RTO limits would visit campuses once a month and communicate directly with the principals or officials designated by them. “They will be given the results and based on the recommendation of the principals, we will issue the LL.”

The state transport department plans to implement the new project in 10 days in one of the colleges in Jayanagar. It will later be extended to 10 others in the city. It was the BJP’s student wing, Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarti Parishad (ABVP), that had made the demand to Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa. After a brief consultation with the CM, Transport Minister R Ashok said, “It will be the transport department’s generous gesture to the city’s student community. If it is successful, it will be extended to the rest of the state”.

Though the initiative is good for students who are keen to ride bikes, it will mean an added burden for college principals. The motor vehicle inspectors functioning under various RTO limits would visit campuses once a month and communicate directly with the principals. They will be given the results and based on the recommendation of the principals, students will get their Learner’s Licence. However, to get the Driving Licence, students will have to appear personally before the RTO.

Women corporators are Corporators only in name

Bangalore mirror a leading newspaper of Times of India, recently brought out some strange and shocking news about women corporators in Bangalore. One third of Bangalore’s corporators are women. Most of these women, however, are corporators only in name. Following is abstract of news published by Bangalore Mirror:

On Sunday (yes, we deliberately chose an ‘off day’), Bangalore Mirror did a sting by calling up 30 women corporators. We posed as residents who had urgent problems. To make it as clinical as possible, we chose a wide cross-section of wards that reflects the demographic and socio-economic diversity of the city. About 50 per cent of the women corporators didn’t even take the calls. Among the rest, about 80 per cent were represented by a close male relative. The men who answered our calls were mostly husbands. All these men were clearly doing more than switchboard duties. They were the actual power wielders as evidenced by their tone, which ranged from the assured to the strident. Only 20 per cent of the women corporators answered the call themselves. They responded with alacrity that almost compensated for the disappointing show of their peers. It shows how vibrant the corporation would become if the gender gap is bridged in substance as well.

Who answered the call: Husband (name: Lokesh) What he said: Madame is not here. I am taking care of all the work. Nagarathna is my wife; she is the corporator. But you can tell me what your problems are, I will solve them for you. I am the one doing all the running around for her. You won’t be able to talk to her.

Who answered the call: Husband (name: Mukunda Rao) What he said: Why do you want to speak to my wife? I am the councillor here although she holds the seat. I’ve been working all the time for the ward. If you want anything you tell me. She cannot come on the line.

Who answered the call: Husband (name: Chakravarthi) What he said: I used to be corporator in this area and I know about the problems here. No one knows as much about this area as I do. My wife is the corporator, but I am the one who takes care of the residents’ problems here.

Who answered the call: Neighbour (name: ) What he said: She is not here. I am the one taking her calls now. I am her neighbour and I can answer your questions.

Who answered the call: Relative (name: ) What he said: I am her relative and I use this phone. She is out of town for two days.

Who answered the call: Husband (name: Venkatarama) What he said: I know you have a water problem. Since my wife cannot handle everything, I do many things on her behalf.

Who answered the call: Husband (name: Chikkegowda) What he said: She is not here. She doesn’t carry her phone. I am her husband and you can call me on this number in the morning and we can see if something can be done about your problem.

Who answered the call: Husband (name: Srinivas Murthy) What he said: I understand that you have problems with the newly laid road. We are going to take action about it soon. Please drop a letter with your problem stated in it and I will take a look at it.

Who answered the call: Husband (name: Shashikumar) What he said: My wife has stepped out for some work. You can tell me your problem. If the water problem is in Attur layout, it is not a big thing. We are getting borewells installed


What she said: I am the corporator of this area and I’m accessible on all days. We corporators don’t have a holiday on Sunday. There are many issues in the area and I want to understand them. All residents are available on Sundays and this is the time we can interact with them.


What she said: This is Dasarahalli area and everyone knows our area’s problems. If water is an issue, I will speak with the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board. Don’t worry about it. Just call me tomorrow morning as today is Sunday and engineers are not available.”

Who attended the call: Son (name:) What he said: My mother will call you back in 20 minutes.
Gowramma did call back in 20 minutes. “I was out on some errand but if you have any problem please give me your address. I will make sure that BWSSB officials come there and solve your problem.”


What she said: In which crossroad do you live? Just drop a letter to my office and we will take a look at the problem.

What she said: In this area, people are struggling to get water. For me, the concern is to get water to the area first, purity comes next. In places like Kolar, the fluoride content is very high in the water, probably, in your case it is the same. Presently, I cannot do anything about it.

That last was a matter-of-fact response. Blunt but honest. A response that is preferable anytime to apathy.

Courtesy: Bangalore Mirror

Pharmaceutical companies and defaulters are playing with the lives

Life, it seems, comes cheap for the health officials of our country. Otherwise how else would you justify the existence of drugs withdrawn elsewhere in the world but still sold and prescribed in India? India has become a dumping ground for banned drugs. The business for production of banned drugs is blooming and because there are more consumers here and all illegalities are duly obeyed. The irony is that very few people know about the banned drugs and consume them unaware, causing a lot of damage to themselves. The pharmaceutical companies and defaulters are playing with the lives of thousands of people who are not aware of the harmful effects of the drugs they sell.

According to a health ministry source, monitoring of adverse drug reaction is not followed in the curriculum for medical students in India and majority of doctors do not maintain records on patients. Assessing adverse drug reaction is not an easy task and in a developed country like the US not more than 10% of the side effects are recorded. Whenever a drug is banned by the Drug Controller of India, it should stop being available in the market. But there are times when a drug is banned yet continues to be sold for a few months till stock lasts.

As big time business enterprises and small time defaulters, pharmaceuticals have been growing in every direction. There are few provisions for a proper check and control of spurious drugs in Indian markets. Worst than that is the little knowledge and slapdash attitude of the buyers. Even at this time, a large population takes medicine and drugs without prescribing a doctor, which in fact is a very wrong decision and can be dangerous.

List of Dangerous Drugs that have been globally discarded but are available in Indian markets:

It is a painkiller
Reason for ban: Bone marrow depression
Brand name: Novalgin

For acidity, constipation
Reason for ban: Irregular heartbeat
Brand name: Ciza, Syspride

Reason for ban: Irregular heartbeat
Brand name: Droperol


Reason for ban: Cancer
Brand name: Furoxone, Lomofen

India has become a dumping ground for banned drugsPainkiller, fever
Reason for ban: Liver failure
Brand name: Nise, Nimulid

Anti-bacterial cream
Reason for ban: Cancer
Brand name: Furacin

Reason for ban: Cancer
Brand name: Agarol

Cold and cough
Reason for ban: stroke
Brand name: D’cold, Vicks Action – 500


Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug
Reason for ban: Bone marrow depression
Brand name: Sioril

Reason for ban: Nerve damage
Brand name: Piperazine

Reason for ban: Damage to sight
Brand name: Enteroquinol

Many doctors, experts say, they are unaware of the researches being conducted worldwide. Many spurious drugs that have been banned, withdrawn or marketed under restrictions in other countries, continue to be sold in India. Regulations in India and US vary. In the US, drugs are not banned; they are withdrawn from the market. When a certain drug is found to have side affects, Indian regulatory authorities should also withdraw it from the market. Unfortunately that does not happen. Drugs continue to be available over the counter because doctors keep prescribing it. Till the time the drugs are not banned by regulatory authorities, no doctor can be blamed for prescribing it and as long as doctors keep prescribing, chemists will keep selling these drugs.

To ensure maximum safety and security, it is advisable to get only drugs prescribed by a medical practioner. Also, ask for the details like the name of the company that manufactures it. Always buy medicines from a recognized drug store. The issue is severe and we must not delay in spreading the warning message to the offenders and innocent people.

Source: ezsoftech.com

  1. List of Drugs banned for Marketing in India
  2. Central Drugs Standard Control Organization

Increasing sea levels in parts of the Indian Ocean

According to Source,Humans-induced greenhouse gases are increasing sea levels. The climate change is amplifying regional sea rise changes in Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea, Sri Lanka, Sumatra and Java. The rise could threaten lives in Bangladesh and India, causing massive floods in monsoons.

An enormous area of the tropical oceans stretching from the east coast of Africa west to the International Date Line in the Pacific has heated by about 1 degree Fahrenheit, or 0.5 degrees Celsius, in the past 50 years, said CU-Boulder Associate Professor Weiqing Han, lead study author.

“Our new results show that human-caused changes of atmospheric and oceanic circulation over the Indian Ocean region are the major cause for the regional variability of sea level change,” wrote the authors.

“It is important for us to understand the regional changes of the sea level, which will have effects on coastal and island regions,” said Hu.

Source: Times of India

What Experts say about Paul predict

Did Octopus Paul, who sensationalized the Football Fans around the world with his accurate match predictions, prophesize the match results or was it just co-incidence. Some expert has come up with assumption that the Octopus being a right winged (tentacled) activist. Check out the pictures below, every-time the Octopus chose, it was the flag which was on the right side.

Group: Serbia 1 Germany 0 (Paul chooses Serbia on right-side; Serbia wins)

Group: Germany 1 Ghana 0 (Paul chooses Germany on right-side; Germany wins)

Pre-Quarter: Germany 4 England 1 (Paul chooses Germany on right-side; Germany wins)

Quarter Final: Germany 4 Argentina 0 (Paul chooses Germany on right-side; Germany wins)

Semi-Final: Spain 1 Germany 0 (Paul chooses Spain on right-side; Spain wins)

Third Place: Germany 3 Uruguay 2 (Paul chooses Germany on right-side; Germany wins)

Finals: Spain 1 Netherland 0 (Paul chooses Spain on right-side; Spain wins)

If only the feeder at the Aquarium had placed the German Flag on the right side for the semi’s, who knows, Lahm or Schweinsteiger would have been lifting the cup yesterday. So Did Octopus Paul, who sensationalized the Football Fans around the world with his accurate match predictions, prophesize the match results or did the German Aquarium caretakers script their own downfall, by placing German flag on the left side for the Semi-Final predictions? You decide.

Spain Won FIFA World Cup 2010 Final

Spain vs Netherlands final match was such a very interesting match because of there was no goals till second half of the extra time. Andres Iniesta scored the final and victory goal for the Spain to won world cup. It is the historic victory of Spain football team over Netherlands. Just when the match threatened to enter penalty shoot-outs in just four minutes, Andrés Iniesta drilled the ball home with a brilliant right-foot shot.

What has been an exciting tournament saw an ill-tempered end with a record 15 yellow cards coming off of the referee’s pocket during the finals.In 57th minute, English referee Howard Webb entered history books by booking Dutch defender John Heitinga accounting for the seventh yellow card of the match. The defender was later sent off when he was booked for the second time in the second half of extra-time to become the fourth player ever to be sent out of finals.

Finals between Spain and Netherlands attracted more than 700 million television audience, according to the tournament’s organizers. According to Nielsen, 24.3 million people watched the game, which ran two-and-a-half-hours. Walt Disney Co.’s ABC had 15.5 million viewers while Univision drew 8.8 million viewers. The broadcast was most watched soccer game in American television. FIFA reported that ratings in the US rose 50 percent from the 2006 tournament.

The 2010 soccer World Cup has two winners, the Spaniards, who lifted the golden trophy, and Paul, the octopus that predicted their victory. Paul had a correct prediction for each of his eight tentacles, ultimately foreseeing that Spain would win Sunday’s final against the Netherlands and that Germany would beat Uruguay in the playoffs. The two-year-old octopus, who was born in England, became a global celebrity during the soccer tournament.

Spain created history by winning their First World Cup for the country by defeating Netherlands in FIFA World Cup 2010 Final.