Delhi Metro Ranks 2nd Best In The World In Customer Satisfaction

Delhi MetroDelhi Metro has secured 2nd position after London Metro in terms of customer satisfaction in the ‘Net Promoters Score’ (NPS) category. This survey was part of the ‘European Norm 13816′ which seeks inputs from Metro users all over the world in reference to the following criteria: availability, accessibility, ease of use, information prior to travel, information during travel, reliability, customer care, comfort, crowding, and security.

The NPS category is the one under which respondents were asked whether they will recommend their favorite metro to their friends and families on the basis of their satisfaction. London Metro was ranked #1, Delhi Metro was at #2 position and Bangkok Metro took the #3 position under this category.

Source: To Go! Delhi Metro Ranks 2nd Best In The World In Customer Satisfaction

Transit Systems in India and Real estate in India

Transit Systems in India, adds value to the properties that are in the proximity. The real estate near a public transit incurs a boost in price considering all the factors that impacts, which includes accessibility benefits, type of housing and type of transit systems.

Since transportation networks increase accessibility and reduce commuting costs (both time and monetary costs), land parcels that have access to major transport networks would have higher values.Thus, for any individual or family, preference to stay in a particular area is mostly dependent upon the characteristics of neighbourhood, which include utilisation of land, provision of local amenities, socio-economic profile of the community, open or green spaces etc.

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